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In my opinion, Albion Online is like a re-skin of Runescape, and a lot of comparison has been made between AO and RS. Basically the core components of this game are:

1) Grind grind grind. Grind till no tomorrow to fund your PvP
2) PvP so you can secure more resources and resources nodes for more grind
3) Grind together with your buddies, tons of buddies in fact, so you can reach more dangerous areas with unexplored nodes for more Albion Onlie Items, then repeat 1 and 2.
4) Get houses castles, or lands that motivates you to grind more

So AO is essentially a remaster of core things from many old school MMORPG. Or to put it in layman terms, the time you invest into this game makes you stronger and the size of your e-peen is directly proportional to the time you invested, with the ultimate goal of gathering a tons of buddies with large e-peens trying to swing those e-peens against others with large e-peens... pretty much.

But jokes aside. You either love this game or hate it. There is almost no between. Hardcores who are into this type of grinding treadmill -> PvP -> more grinding treadmill system will love this, because the biggest part of the game is competing with each for resources. This game isn't designed for casuals (and shouldn't be) or solo players because time and numbers would be directly proportional to strength.

The game doesn't have interesting story or fun PvE that serves a purpose beyond furthering the grind. So if you are not into comparing theoretical e-peens on an MMORPG, you would probably not like this game because everything is just a boring grind/time killer if you don't aim to compete with others. So far that's about most of what AO is.

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