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Get the top 3 apps on Android for your family’s health

Health is an important part to make a happy family. With the help of modern technology, you will have a perfect plan to protect your family and stay healthy.

It is amazing how much technology evolves with your life.  There are smart houses, cars, phones, and even chalkboards. These advanced technologies can also bring you useful and healthy advice whenever you

need. Consider some of these following apps to help you keep your family happy and strong.





If you or a family member suddenly has some illness symptoms, but you do not want or are unable to go to the hospital, the HealthTap app is useful for you to search for the solution. HealthTap supplies you with

information about common illnesses and their best remedies.

You can even send your question to a group of doctors by this app, and there might be a response within a few hours. To chat with the doctors and get useful information from videos on this app, you will have to

upgrade your membership.

With this app, you can get the right treatment and advice by sharing photos or test results with the doctors to have a second opinion or an explanation of the test results.

HealtTap also updates the latest news related to health problems. Through this app, you will be assisted by thousands of doctors and specialists whenever you are in need. 
Besides this app, you can explore more Android apps at the link Free download apk files of outstanding Android apps: visit best google play alternative app store.





If you want to control the amount of sugar consumed by your family, the Change4Life is the most suitable app for you. By the help of this app, you can now manage the amount of sugar in the products you buy by

scanning its barcode.

With the camera on your phone, before making a purchase, you can calculate how much of sugar you have intake and should you buy the product or not. Whether it's a drink or ice-cream, you will have the

information of how much sugar it contains.

The app even records data of 10 latest products that you have checked, which is convenient for you when you like to compare the sugar amount in each product you have to choose. What is even more interesting

is that Change4Life also allows you to calculate the appropriate amount of sugar needed by age.

If you want to get other Android apps, you can go to the link Get your Android the cool apps that aren't available on play store - download apk files for free.





Either you want to keep your family members fit, or you want to make some change in your family lifestyle, you should start with setting up a healthy diet and proper fitness schedule.

With all of that, MyFitnessPal is a great app to help you by tracking the diet and weekly fitness schedule. All of that advantages can be brought to your family after 5 minutes of setting up.

Whether you and your family members have a medical condition or are trying to lose weight, this app will keep your family in the track of the diet plan. It is considered a user-friendly app and compatible with many

fitness apps such as Fitbit, Garmin. This app also allows you to connect with your family members.

MyFitnessPal has helped nearly 90% of its users to lose weight after they stick to the system for at least a week. This app also provides you reports to track your fitness journey.

Click the link to download different kinds of Android apps.


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