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When Does SEO Become Enterprise SEO?

When it comes to SEO for enterprise companies and working in-house, an SEO professional will start to feel overwhelmed with the growing set of keywords they optimize for and the thousands of impressions they’re seeing.

When I made the move from agency to in-house, I experienced this feeling first-hand.

With each move to a larger company as I advanced in my career, I found myself seeing the numbers and the complexity of the sites I was dealing with grow.



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The 4 Pillars of Enterprise SEO Success

Enterprise companies are realizing that to be successful at SEO, they shouldn’t only be heavily focused on the technical stuff or at identifying opportunities for growth to build content around.

Companies know that they need people who can  effectively as well as with a mix of teams (technical, creative, some who know SEO and some who have no clue), all in the same room at the same time.

In addition, companies are looking for more deeper-level…


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Why Users Call New Facebook Design a Nightmare

Facebook rolled out a new design their interface. Facebook users reacted with not only displeasure, but actual hate. These are the reasons why so many are threatening to quit Facebook.

What may be contributing to the hate is that Facebook announced the change becomes permanent on September 1, 2020.

The Messenger icon has a sideways letter “Z” and a little tail to indicate it’s a speech bubble.

But it’s so small on a desktop that a user isn’t going to instantly…


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This is Structured Data

This is an introduction to structured data that explains what structured data is, in plain English. Once you finish reading this you should have a better idea of what structured data is and how it can benefit you.

The goal is to demystify structured data.

In the most general sense, Structured Data is information (data) that is organized (structured).

Organized information is what structured data is.…


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Must-Use Data Sources to Establish the Right Content & Keyword Focus

Data makes the digital marketing world go round.

Those who commit to using it get to ride along, while those who don’t run the risk of getting left behind.

Analyzing data to identify where you have momentum can help you focus on the content and keywords that will provide the best chance of improving your website’s authoritativeness and organic visibility.

It’s no longer, and for that matter never has been, good enough to simply publish and share boatloads of…


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Why It's Time to Rethink How We View 'National' Rankings

In recent years, something I’ve started to think more about is the concept of “national rankings.”

Ever since I’ve been in the community, I’ve generally thought about rankings on two different geographical levels.

  • National: How are we ranking for the majority of users in this country?
  • Local: How are we ranking for users in a particular city/state?

When referring to how we’re ranking, we’d generally default to see…


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11 Powerful Tips to Grow Your Audience

Looking for ways to boost your place in the SERPs, but you’ve already optimized your content? Here are 11 SEO tips for publishers to strengthen your game.

Publishers that are serious about dominating the SERPs spend years honing their ability to produce intoxicating content for their readers.

I would know because I’m one of them.

Yet, when it comes to SEO, that’s only half the battle.

As Google’s…


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Most Sites Don’t Need to Worry About Crawl Budget

Google’s Search Relations team says most sites don’t need to worry about  in the latest episode of the Search Off the Record podcast.

Gary Illyes of Google discussed the topic in length, saying the team has been pushing back on their previous messaging, and adding that a ‘substantial segment’ does have to care about it.

Illyes offers two suggesting for fixing crawl budget issues.

First, try removing…


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The Math & Skills You Need to Analyze Google's Algorithm

Other advanced statistical methods, be it Machine Learning or Neural Networks, have their role to play.

But for this article, I’m focusing on regressions.

An important caveat to the use of statistical methods is that a tool by itself or tacked on at the end does not in of itself qualify as a good study.

That’s where having the right data analysis skills with SEO experience comes into play.

As seen repeatedly with COVID-19 analyses, just having a data analyst…


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How to (Re)Build an SEO Agency Today: Changing Business Models

Narrowing the lens on the consumer and business trends that we’ve tackled in the first part of this trilogy, you need to start addressing the ones relevant to building an SEO agency today. And, more importantly, establish which are here to stay and which are just a fad with no long-term implications.

This is one important step in understanding the new context that shapes the business. To help you see clearer, don’t forget to place them on Gartner’s Hype Cycle – an innovation curve…


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Expert Tips for Optimizing Your Images on Amazon

The quality of your images can impact your products' visibility on Amazon. Follow these 11 image optimization tips for better Amazon rankings and sales.

Images are one of the most critical elements of effective eCommerce.

On Amazon, customers have a lot of options right at their fingertips, and before they even click on a product, they will look at the images.

Want to beat your competition?

Then having high-quality images is…


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How to Analyze Google's Algorithm: The Math & Skills You Need

Do you want to spend money on ads or solve this black box?”

That (rough) question helped to determine the path of my career 10+ years ago into becoming the SEO I am today.

I chose this path because I love working at challenges and looking under the hood for what causes something to happen.

Seeking to solve the answer to life, the universe, and everything given with the help of Google Deep Throat as 42 and then double-checking that I…


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Google Chrome 86 Dev Tools Update

Google Chrome 86, due on October 6, 2020, will feature an updated version of Dev Tools. The update introduces new features that extend the usefulness of the tool. Publishers will be able to debug video in a new easily accessible media panel, have access to more emulators and take advantage of better audits from Lighthouse to 6.2.

When enabled, this feature will ignore fonts on your machine and behave as if the fonts are missing. This causes the dev tool to…


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Must-Know Tips When Using Web Stories for WordPress

Web Stories for WordPress is a new plugin by Google. Important SEO tips should be kept in mind for optimal Web Story performance (that aren't obvious

I’ve now spent many hours testing out the Web Stories for WordPress plugin by Google.

There were a lot of obstacles along the way that I struggled to find answers to at the time.

This post outlines nine areas that I wish I knew more about before I dove in headfirst.

These are tips that would…


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Three Ways a Pipe or Dash in Title Tag Makes a Difference

A lively discussion on Twitter about whether or not a pipe “|” or a dash “-” in  made a difference led to interesting observations. Several members of the search marketing community shared three distinct viewpoints illustrating why there is a difference.

Bill Hartzer (started the discussion by asking what he should use.

Bill has been a leader in the search marketing community for decades and is respected by many. As the discussion developed, it quickly…


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Cheap SEO Costs Too Much – Here's Why

Don't let cheap SEO get your website in trouble. Learn why a low-cost SEO program isn't the way to go even during a recession.

We are in a recession.

During a recession, companies rethink their budgets.

Every organization is looking for ways to spend less money, and to spend the money they have more efficiently.

History is repeating itself for many in the search engine marketing industry.

As the economy worsens, companies look to search…


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Google Makes it Easier to Find Jobs, Recipes, and Products

An update to activity cards in Google Search will allow users to pick up where they left off with searches for jobs, recipes, and products.

Activity cards were introduced last year as a way for people to continue previous searches.

The cards typically contain links to previously visited pages, along with a carousel of queries that led to those pages.

Activity cards can show up for all types of searches and usually have a similar design regardless of the type of…


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Useful Tools for Conducting Keyword Research Right Now

Looking to understand the latest shifts in consumer intent caused by the pandemic? Use these 7 Google tools when conducting keyword research today.

Consumer behavior is changing rapidly and unpredictably during the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s why conducting keyword research is now more important than ever to understand the latest shifts in consumer intent.

Although 100% of SEO professionals worth their salt understand how to dig insights out of Google…


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SaaS Marketing: How to Get More Quality Leads for Your Brand

Have you ever felt helpless to grow your pipeline?

Are you working hard, but not getting results?

You aren’t alone.

Many marketers are experiencing the same things – for a plethora of reasons.

But one of the biggest reasons is that things have changed with the funnel.

In the old funnel, marketers needed to do top of funnel awareness campaigns because consumers can’t

discover the brand without them.

But then websites like Amazon and Yelp started…


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Which Is Better for Your Website: Backlinks or Content?

Wondering whether you should focus on building content or backlinks? In this Ask an SEO article, you'll discover which one is more important.

  • Backlinks are specifically for SEO purposes.
  • Content is for your users to engage with your site, drive impressions for ad space, buy your products, and fill out lead forms. Without content, there is no reason for a website to be sourcing you (i.e., giving you a backlink).

The only exception is…


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