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How to Build Links to Pages Where Links Are Hard to Build

There are some that will disagree with this assertion - but in my experience, the concept of domain authority is real.

The term "domain authority" was coined by the industry site, but has become common nomenclature in the SEO world.…


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The Differences Between White Hat vs. Black Hat vs. Gray Hat SEO

Black hats and white hats were used all the way back in the 1920s in Western films. They were an easy way for the audience to tell the difference between the hero and the villain.

The hero wore a white hat.

The villain wore a black hat.

The terminology has been adopted in various industries through the years, notably security.

Black hats and white hats are a way of describing malicious and ethical hackers.

What Is White Hat & Black Hat in SEO?



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Ecommerce SEO Tips to Improve Organic Performance

We are living in some uncertain times right now with schools and businesses closed, people losing their jobs, etc.

Some industries like travel and tourism are getting hit very hard while some businesses that are ecommerce driven or providing a service that people need (i.e., Zoom) are thriving right now.

Google recently launched a blog post series that features case studies on how SEO can help businesses.

This may help with convincing a boss that investing in SEO or…


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Three Simple Ways to Improve Content

It’s a common saying that “content is king. But that’s not been true for a long time now.  There’s a new focus for ranking better that exponentially improves upon publishing content.

In the past many did well cranking out content that was salted and peppered with the keywords they wanted to rank for. This was a time when site maps could rank in Google’s search results.

Some people were even repurposing old college papers and collecting ad revenue from the…


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How Bing’s Image & Video Algorithm Works

Meenaz Merchant’s official title is Principal Program Manager Lead, AI and Research, Bing.

He says simply: head of the multimedia team.

The first thing I learned is that the same team builds the algorithms for both images and videos.

That means understanding how to approach each gets a little simpler – they will have a similar approach and probably be looking at similar features in a similar manner.

They also run the camera search (reverse image search) algorithm.…


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Why You Should Transfer Completely to a Virtual Workforce

If other major events in history are any indication, the Coronavirus will have several far-reaching and enduring impacts on the way we lead our lives.

There is one impact that is both major and likely: there will be a lasting surge in the number of people who work from home.

The good news is: moving toward a virtual workforce will be one positive outcome of an otherwise devastating event.

In this post (and accompanying infographic, which you can find by scrolling to the…


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Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines: A Guide for SEO Beginners

Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines are a document given to people that Google employs for the sole purpose of rating websites.

The guidelines outline the conditions and elements that need to be considered, and how the site should be rated, by that person.

In essence, Google has hired many thousands of people to rate websites and record whether the site is good or bad across a variety of areas.

Now, it is important to understand that these people have no impact on…


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Best Blogging Tips & Tricks for 2020

To compile their findings, it’s sent to over 1,000 unique bloggers and content marketing specialists.

Naturally, it’s packed with valuable information, graphs, and tidbits that can transform your outlook on content creation.

But reading a 5,000+ word blog post and deciphering the meaning of dozens of graphs is time-consuming.

And remembering all of it down the line without taking copious, detailed notes? Slim chance.

So, I did it for you!

Here are the…


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Free PageRank E-Book from Princeton

The information in the book is not up to date. However it provides a deep dive into PageRank that goes deeper than seen in most any other publication.

There are seven chapters and almost 100 pages devoted to mining the depths of what PageRank is about.

Aside from the focus on PageRank, the book provides a good overview of some basic and general factors related to how search engines crawl and rank web pages.

The book offers nearly one hundred pages about how PageRank…


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Google Call Only Ads Now Include Link Option

Google Ads has announced their Call Only ads now offers advertisers the option to include a link to their website.

This announcement also coincides with a renaming of the offering from “Call Only Ads” to simply “Call Ads.”

The “visit website” option will make the ad unit slightly larger, with the main headline of the ad still resulting in a phone call.

Previously Call Only ads limited functionality to a single clickable headline, which would automatically dial the phone…


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Google Cutting Up to 50% of Marketing Budget

An internal email reveals that Google is cutting up to 50% of it’s marketing budget for the second half of 2020.

The cuts to the marketing budget may indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting its businesses.

This development comes less than a week from when Google is scheduled to discuss the first quarter 2020 financial results on April 28th.

So it follows that cutting back on the marketing budget may not affect support for current customers and…


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Google on How Long it Takes to Rank a New URL After 301 Redirect

Google’s John Mueller was recently featured in a video about 301 redirects in which an interesting revelation was made.

As part of the Ask Google Webmasters video series, Mueller answered the following question sent in by a site owner:

The most interesting thing we learned from the video is not the answer itself, but the revelation that Google does not help its SEO team with SEO questions.

Apparently, Google’s SEO team has been asking this same question about…


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Google Ads to Require Identity Verification

Google announced today they will begin requiring documentation of user identity and geographic location for advertisers.

The new policy is tied to their 2018 policy update requiring identification verification for political advertisements.

The verification program will include:

  • personal identification methods
  • business incorporation documents
  • possibly other items to verify who they are
  • operating geography

The program will…


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Rank Tracking Isn't What It Used to Be – So What's Next?

What is the O in SEO for?

Optimization, of course!

But what does an SEO professional optimize?

For much of the history of SEO, it’s been for ranking positions for important keywords.

It isn’t hard to understand why.

When Google created it’s first search results page with its characteristic “10 blue links,” it automatically created a hierarchy of click probability.

SEO pros quickly noticed that people tended to click on the #1 position the most, and…


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Google on Navigation Menu Changes and Rankings

So basically they want to consolidate the gender-modified sub-topics beneath a gender neutral keyword variant.

Presumably they may want to rank for the non-gender specific version of the keyword phrase but without losing rankings for the gender specific keywords.

Sometimes there’s more traffic for the more general keyword phrase. But ranking for those can be problematic since Google encourages users to drill down with People Also Ask type navigational help.

It’s a…


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How to Future-Proof Your Brand Using SEO [Webinar]

  • Uncover how to utilize SEO best practices to safeguard your brand.
  • Determine which new paths in SEO lead to a more resilient business.
  • Learn new tactics to safeguard your digital presence.

While we may not be able to predict rapid market changes, we can prepare and adapt to those transformations with nimble, SEO-forward moves that best position your company for challenging business environments in 2020 and beyond.…


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Website Taxonomy: How to Optimize Your URLs

If you’re a beginner in the SEO industry, you may have heard the term website taxonomy or URL taxonomy.

There are many variations of this phrase and it may be confusing if you’re just starting out in SEO.

Having a well-optimized website taxonomy is critical for having a scalable SEO plan.

In this article, we’ll cover:

What website/URL taxonomy is.

How URL taxonomy affects site architecture (and hot garbage).

How Google uses URL taxonomies.

How to…


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Crisis Marketing Made Simple

In times of social and economical crisis, it is understandable for companies to have an initial reaction to pause or postpone marketing, reining back on all deemed areas of expense.

This is often the human reaction to changing circumstances.

And in most cases, this is not an effective marketing strategy during a time of crisis.

This article explores practical and simple actions that companies can take to maximize crisis marketing in difficult times.

I am not…


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How to Produce Quality Titles & Meta Descriptions Automatically

These difficult times it is more important than ever to get more effective work done in less time and with fewer resources.

One boring and time-consuming SEO task that is often neglected is writing compelling titles and meta descriptions at scale.

In particular, when the site has thousands or millions of pages.

It is hard to put on the effort when you don’t know if the reward will be worth it.

In this column, you will learn how to use the most recent advances in…


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Google is Fixing an Issue Affecting Large Images in Google Discover

Google confirms it is fixing an issue that’s preventing non-AMP pages from displaying large images in Google Discover.

Google’s John Mueller addressed the issue in a Webmaster Central hangout held on April 14.

Actually, this topic was brought up several times over the past couple of weeks.

It’s been the subject of an ongoing discussion between Mueller and our lead developer, Vahan Petrosyan.

Petrosyan first brought this issue to Mueller’s attention in a Webmaster…


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