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YouTube Shares Keyword Research Tips For Videos

YouTube offers advice on competitive keyword research for videos, and answers a number of other questions about its search and discovery algorithm.

In what has become a regular series on YouTube’s Creator Insider channel, a member of the search and discovery team fields questions from users in the first upload of the year.

One of those questions focuses on keyword research and how to gauge which video topics will resonate with users.

Here’s a recap of the questions and…


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Google on Improving Core Web Vitals Score by Blocking Countries

Martin Splitt, in a JavaScript SEO Office Hours video answered a question on improving Core Web Vitals score by blocking countries with slow Internet. The idea is that blocking those site visitors will prevent Google from incorporating those slow Core Web vitals metrics from being used to calculate the final score.

Core Web Vitals are a set of page experience metrics that will become ranking factors in 2021. There are two kinds of Core Web Vitals scores, Field Metrics and Lab…


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Reasons Why You Need to Integrate CRO with SEO

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can dovetail effectively with most marketing channels.

However, it is rarely systematically included within search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, and that is often a mistake.

While SEO and CRO have clearly defined roles to play (which we will explore next), they can also provide substantial cumulative gains, outweighing the value of each when used in isolation.

In this post, I share three of the most impactful reasons for…


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Google Search Patents Mega-Roundup

Hello and welcome to our great, big, mega-post round-up of Google Search patents from 2020.

Throughout the year, I spend time collecting and writing about Google Search patents that are of interest to the SEO community. I also write about the interesting ones every now and again here on Search Engine Journal.

Now that we’ve made it to 2021 (thank goodness), I wanted to share the entire 2020 collection with you.

They’re grouped to make things easier and so that if you’d…


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Enhance the Value of Search Insights With Action

Insights are great, but they serve far more value with instant action.

Making the case for budget and resources to power SEO automation is a hard sell if no one else in the organization understands what it does.

Which is the more compelling argument?

“It will save us time and money by automating repetitive tasks and also enables me to optimize our web content more effectively.”


“It assists in the analysis of our massive volume of consumer and market…


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How Insight and Action Benefit Enterprise SEO

Politically, sociologically, economically, culturally and from a technological perspective, we saw major shifts sure to have long-lasting ramifications.

As we enter this new year with trepidation amidst the ongoing uncertainty of a persistent global pandemic, enterprise organizations and their leaders are looking for proven, cost-effective ways to understand these continuous shifts in consumer behavior and demand.

Consumers turned to search en masse to feed their…


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Try These PPC Strategies for Your B2B Business

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine with your B2B PPC program.

You monitor your paid search campaigns and optimize them. And they seem to be working well.

So why change anything?

In short, the reason is that you don’t know what you might be missing.

Without question, lots have changed this year (to put it mildly). And I’m sure these changes have impacted your industry, business, and competitors.

We’ve also seen plenty of changes in online advertising…


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How to Optimize Universal App Campaigns

Once your app is connected to Google Ads, Google Play will automatically create a conversion source that consists of a download.

Another way to ease the process, right?

Not so fast.

There have been multiple instances where the Google Play source has overestimated initial downloads.

First Open events from Firebase or other third-party app sources have been more reliable and realistic, in my experience.

The other consideration is that you still need…


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Profit per Click: What It Is & Why You Should Track It

What is one of the biggest challenges faced by all performance marketing stakeholders – agencies, marketers, brands, investors, and executives?

Consistently and correctly quantifying the value created for the enterprise via marketing initiatives.

To put it succinctly: answering the age-old questions of, “What’s the ROI on our marketing?”

Or, more simply, “What’s working and what isn’t working?”

Marketing platforms have historically offered marketers various types…


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Search Marketing Year-End Audit Tips

A year-end audit is always a good idea. You will gain insight into improvements that need to be made. Here's how to do it right.

As much as it didn’t seem possible, we’ve made it to the end of 2020. It’s been quite a “different” year for many of us as search marketers.

Interesting challenges presented themselves with shrunken budgets for many, or even altered tactics to see success during this year’s darkest days.

For a fortunate few, business actually grew…


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Adding Python to Your SEO Workflow

The best way to add Python into your workflow is to:

Think about what can be automated, especially when performing tedious tasks.

Identify any gaps in the analysis work you are performing, or have completed.

I have found that another useful way to get started learning is to use the data you already have access to, and from it using Python.

This is how I have learned most of the things I will be sharing in this article.

Learning Python isn’t necessary in order…


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Google Reveals Top Searches of 2020

Google’s annual list of top trending search terms shows what the world turned to Google for during one of the most historic years on record.

“2020 was the year we asked “why?”” – Google states in the introduction to its report.

People asked “why?” more than ever before as they searched Google for answers to all types of questions, which you’ll see in the following section.

Users broke records for the number of times “what day is it?” was searched for in a year. Searches…


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Twitter Relaunching Verified Accounts

Twitter paused its verification program in 2017 because of confusion over what the program was about.

A top concern was that the verification signaled Twitter’s endorsement of the member. This perception of endorsement became worse as the program rolled out to the general public, at which point Twitter pulled the plug on the verification program.

Twitter announced it is relaunching it’s Verified Accounts program. Account verification features blue badges that are intended to…


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Paid Media Marketing: Changes to Make in 2021

A new year can mean a new paid media strategy. Learn eight changes marketing professionals must implement into their 2021 digital marketing plan.

Passing ads are a growing sector of the paid media world.

This is evidenced by the recent evolution of Instagram Reels as well as the widespread popularity of sources like TikTok, Instagram stories, and Facebook stories.

Basically, if it passes through the user’s streaming or browsing session, you can consider it a passing ad…


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Myths About YouTube Trending Debunked

YouTube addresses 3 common myths about how it features content and explains what it takes for a video to appear in the coveted ‘Trending’ section.

The myths which are debunked by a member of YouTube’s creator content strategy team include:

YouTube Trending gives preferential treatment to specific creators.

YouTube Trending is exclusive to high profile creators.

There’s an ideal time to publish to get featured in Trending.

Before getting into these myths let’s…


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How to Repurpose Content With Instagram's Most Popular Features

For a long time, Instagram stumped marketers for companies that didn’t have a brand that easily translated into visual imagery.

If you didn’t have a physical product or appealing aesthetics, it was easy to feel like the platform wasn’t one your brand needed to worry about. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore Instagram in your social media strategy.

Another way to take advantage of longer-form written content is by curating Instagram Guides.



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Important PPC Trends to Watch in 2021

What will be the big trends in PPC marketing and paid social in 2021? Here are 10 trends you need to know, according to 32 top experts.

In a normal year, PPC marketing is fairly unpredictable.…


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What Search Marketers Need to Know About Criteo’s Retail Media Platform

Here's everything you need to know about Criteo's Retail Media platform, what it does for sponsored products, and how to get started

If you’ve been in the paid search industry for a few years, then you’ve probably heard about Criteo – or even used it.

You might also be familiar with Criteo Retail Media from back in the days when it could be described as an ad network for sponsored products, circa 2016 when Criteo acquired a company called Hooklogic.

Hooklogic had built a…


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How to Build the Right Set of SEO Resources for Your Company

Executing successfully on SEO is a challenge for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Building the right set of resources from day one is the most critical component for success.

For mid-market and enterprise businesses, you’ll need to nail down these three elements to succeed in SEO.

Allocating limited dollars to the most effective actions.

Synchronizing complex workflows across multiple skillsets.

Iterating and innovating towards goals of continuous…


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Things You Must Know About SEO in 2021

But despite all the challenges we’ve faced as humans this year, 2020 hasn’t been all bad.

After all, I welcomed my youngest son to the world this year, and I think he’s pretty great!

I also learned a lot about our industry, SEO, and I feel we should all pay close attention to what transpired this year and leverage that information to become better, more prepared search marketers moving forward.

It’s important to know that search intent and demand are fluid – and much…


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