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Google is Fixing an Issue Affecting Large Images in Google Discover

Google confirms it is fixing an issue that’s preventing non-AMP pages from displaying large images in Google Discover.

Google’s John Mueller addressed the issue in a Webmaster Central hangout held on April 14.

Actually, this topic was brought up several times over the past couple of weeks.

It’s been the subject of an ongoing discussion between Mueller and our lead developer, Vahan Petrosyan.

Petrosyan first brought this issue to Mueller’s attention in a Webmaster…


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Reddit to Publicly Disclose Political Ad Details

Previously, political ads were subject to the same scrutiny as all ads.

This meant they were forbidden to be “deceptive, untrue or misleading,” in keeping with the advertising policy as it already existed.

Reddit now specifically defines “political ads” to be any of the following:

  • Ads related to campaigns or elections, or that solicit political donations.
  • Ads that promote voting or voter registration (discouraging voting or voter registration is not…

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Content Marketing Systems to Streamline

One of the most common problems I see content marketing teams have is being too zoomed in on content creation.

This tunnel vision leads to us feeling perpetually overwhelmed by the amount of “other stuff” content marketing takes.

And not paying attention to the bigger picture throws wrenches in a lot of marketing teams’ workflows.

It turns into a perpetual cycle

We plan our marketing strategies, and then our quarterly calendars, based on a completely inaccurate…


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What Is Content Marketing & Why It Matters

That’s how long humans have been sharing stories, according to a new study published in the journal Nature.

From ancient Indonesian cave art to cutting-edge infographics – fast forward a few millennia, and people are telling more stories than ever.

We’ve just shifted the medium.

Our digital world is evolving at a breakneck pace.

Content gathers dust like fossils, and today’s trending hashtag is tomorrow’s ironic meme.

Attention is at an all-time…


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Why Is a Site with Ugly URLs Ranking Above Mine?

First things first, what exactly is an ugly URL?

Google gives us and URLs that could cause some issues.

If something in the URL is causing Google to have difficulty crawling it, that can be a real problem.

See the above link for examples of that.

But as long as Google (and Bing!) can crawl a URL, it doesn’t really matter if it’s “ugly” to users.

While keywords in URLs and URLs themselves might be one of the hundreds of…


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Google Explains How to Remove Pages for SEO

The important consideration when removing content is that it’s not a one-size fits all solution for improving rankings. Removing pages does not automatically help all sites rank better.

Furthermore it’s important to assess whether a page simply needs improvement.

Removing content is an old solution for traffic issues. There was a related SEO solution for removing content was called Content Cannibalization. Then about six years or ten years later the technique was rediscovered…


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What’s Happening to Paid Media Performance During COVID-19

In the latter half of March, eMarketer surveyed 203 respondents. 67% were agency-side, and 33% were marketing professionals, but all work functionally in media decision-making.

Participants were asked two questions:

  • What media types were they choosing to pause/reduce spend from, based on their initial response that they would be doing so
  • What media types would keep or receive funds shifted away from other channels?

The initial data reflected the…


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Google Answers: Is It OK to Link to My Own Guest Post?

Is it acceptable for authors to link to their guest posts?

That’s one question asked of Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller during a Webmaster Central hangout held April 9.

The question was submitted by a site owner who contributes a modest amount of unique content to other sites within the same niche.

They were concerned that linking to those posts from their own site would have a negative impact on SEO.

Here is the question that was…


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How to Produce Quality Titles & Meta Descriptions Automatically

These difficult times it is more important than ever to get more effective work done in less time and with fewer resources.

One boring and time-consuming SEO task that is often neglected is writing compelling titles and meta descriptions at scale.

In particular, when the site has thousands or millions of pages.

It is hard to put on the effort when you don’t know if the reward will be worth it.

In this column, you will learn how to use the most recent advances in…


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Google Offers Suggestions For Avoiding Meta Description Rewrites

It’s not uncommon for Google to generate a meta description to display in place of the one provided by a web page.

Mueller lists the most likely reasons why this would occur:

  • The meta description is not relevant or useful (ie, just a collection of keywords).
  • The exact same meta description is provided across a large number of pages.
  • The meta description doesn’t match what the user is searching for, but other content on the page does.



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How Bing Ranks Search Results: Core Algorithm & Blue Links

it is safe to assume that Bing and Google are organized and function on similar lines.

With that in mind, if Google won’t tell us much about how the algorithms function, I figured that asking Bing is the solution if I wanted to better understand.

So that’s what I did.

Below is the first interview in a series of five I did with team leads at Bing.

Dubut states quite categorically that the foundation of every single results page on a modern search engine is the “10…


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Moving a Company to an SEO Focus

It seems like you have accomplished the first step in moving a company’s focus toward SEO.

The first step is to take the SEO, as well as anything else that has to do with the website, away from your IT folks.

IT folks are usually not marketing folks.

IT will always prioritize tasks that affect “critical systems” over SEO items.

And this makes sense.

You won’t hear screaming from your users if a meta tag isn’t…


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Google Explains What’s Important For Top Rankings

In a Google After Hours Office Hangout Google’s John Mueller answered a question about links and rankings.

Along the way he demonstrated that sometimes what we think we know about SEO isn’t entirely correct.

He then offered advice on how to fight for the top rankings.

The publisher started off asking a question by stating that “everyone knows” that dofollow links are necessary for rankings.

And that’s where the publisher was mistaken.

So part of the…


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Why Buying Domains Can Be Strategic

Strategic domain registration is something every business needs to understand.

Approaching domain registrations from a strategic perspective can open up opportunities for success in earnings and search traffic.

This is a reasonable approach that does far more merely protecting a brand.

Defensive domain registration is the act of buying different versions of a website’s domain name in order to block competitors from obtaining…


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Ways You Should Do Marketing Differently Today

I think we can all agree that it’s been a crazy couple of weeks, courtesy of COVID-19.

Every day, we face a new reality, adjusting the way we live and work, walking the line between precaution and panic.

Tensions rise along with the number of Coronavirus cases reported in the news.

We stock up on groceries, make sure that our loved ones are safe, and overhaul our daily routines.

We follow all the guidelines and hope to settle into a new normal.

And that’s…


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How SEO Agencies Can Stay Profitable During a Downturn

Being proactive in the face of economic downturns and natural crises is critical for any business.

One thing we learned from the 2008 recession is that marketing budgets are first to get cut – shrinking up to 30%.

That is why now is an important moment for SEO agencies to focus on the productivity and well-being of their teams, and above all, good client management.

Communication and care are crucial for navigating market uncertainties while transforming processes that…


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Ways to Use Social Media to Inform Your Keyword Research

For many beginners (and, heck, some mid-level and even advanced SEOs), the line between search engine optimization and social media can sometimes blur.

  • Does your social media support or even ?
  • How does optimizing for search on social media affect your profile’s chance of showing up to new users?
  • And what does it mean that my tweets show up in search results?

In the past, the difference between SEO and social was fairly…


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Google Knows Who Wrote Which Articles

Does Google care about who created specific content on the web, and do they use that information for purposes such as ranking pages on the web?

We can’t be certain of that, but Google has filed patents about authors and provided ways for content creators to indicate that they have published something somewhere.

I have been interested in authorship long before I became involved in SEO, and saw it appearing in search-related patents.

One of my favorite writers and among…


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SEO After COVID-19: Opportunities to Start Working on Now

The world is currently in a state of confusion, panic, bewilderment, and uncertainty.

With the situation changing by the hour, it can leave you feeling lost and wondering what is going to come next.

But, we are a strong group, and we will get through this.

It might not look the same once the new normal is here but companies that are able to weather this downturn and strategically plan will come out much stronger and will be poised for quicker recovery.

To start…


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Google Ads is enhancing asset reporting in app campaigns with four new updates to provide advertisers with detailed and actionable insights.

Here are more details on each of the four new updates.

Google Ads rates creative assets with “low”, “good”, and “best” asset ratings.

Advertisers can better understand how Google defines these ratings with new tooltips.

Tooltips are displayed when hovering over a performance rating, as shown below.



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