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I am totally in love with this game Blade And Soul

I must admit that I am totally in love with this game, it actually got me hooked like no other in the past few years.

No matter the praises that i bring to the game, I cannot turn a blind eye to a few features that are missing and are really starting to affect my experience in game quite a bit.

For future reference, I am playing on EU -Wild Springs server, member of the Blade And Soul GoldCerulean faction.

1. While…


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Time compensation for not being able to play

They could do but then every time somebody is saying this patch kill my Blade & Soul Gold connection you would hear somebody asking for it and we knows how many thread has been on the subject.Not to mention all the threads about entering dungeon and getting a crash.It even happen to me for a few days last weekend.Solve it by running an optimizer on my pc and since then things have been much better but those things can be cause by…


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few questions gameplay

few questions gameplay

i didnt play since zero was released.

still every1 new class thats out is overpowered compared to  MapleStory Mesos previous? some1 even play normal adventurers atm? so i assume kinesis is now the best cuz he is newest?

should i play scania or reboot,whats more populated?

excuse my english

well i wouldn't call kinesis overpowered, he is fun to play…


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I could take the $10 costume price point

Prices may go down if your sentiments pan out, but they probably have Blade And Soul Goldactual market research behind what they set their prices to. Maybe you underestimate how much disposable income people have and how much they're willing to toss on a whim.

I just find it funny when people say "they'd make more money if they just stuck to the price point I WANT!" Like you represent what the entire region can and will…


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it is shown that the problm on the BNS side

1. i didnt receive any money back

2. i didnt even ask for refunded

3.trying 5 hour it is shown that the problm on the BNS side

4. im using my debit card only

5. dont blame on me if you dont know the truth

1. Refunds of any type generally don't go through right away. Your bank and other monetary associations involved all have to process and release the funds to you. Especially if the transaction seemed shady, I can see why it might be taking a while.

2. I…


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Few things I think BnS could work on

Day 6. Another short one. Pretty much the same thing as yesterday except I figured out what I was supposed to do. Few things I think BnS could work on...


Not everyone uses the quest tracker. I've been playing Blade And Soul Gold since Friday, and just now realized that I've been getting letters ONLY viewable on the quest tracker. I had around 4 of them just sitting there. It makes much more sense to have them appear in…


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I don't think you know that we're only talking about kill participation and quest Blade And Soul items

That isn't a fair comparison. You are comparing a Blade And Soul Gold problem that doesn't exist in one game with one that does in another game. GW2 doesn't have tools for dealing with the problems it creates, BnS does. You keep bringing up asshats and random trolls killing your ability to quest, but have you even tried forming parties? Are you unable to tag anything in certain areas? I am not sure what you are doing wrong.



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Pornographic Content of blade and soul

Pornographic Content

Hey guys,

Is pornographic content allowed in blade and soul Gold ? I'm not sure if it's in the terms of use or not because I'm quite lazy but there is a guy named "GGGGGGGGGGGGG" on Mushin, Crimson side who has a photograph of a nude Korean girl as his profile picture. Is this ban worthy or okay because it's rated mature?

And I may be mistaken but the only two report options I've seen were…


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apply mute sentinels to the Blade And Soul game

NC, Why don't you apply mute sentinels to the game

Well, not trying to complain or be mean, but you guys either don't deal with the amount of sellers or you just don't have enough manpower to do it. Put mute sentinels into the game?

Mute sentinel : Mute sentinels are people, players that don't get paid ( Or something very minor and simple in game item, 10 healing pots or something ) that mute bots as they appear. Priston tale ( First mmo in history or something ) had this…


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MapleStory’s New Reboot World Returns To A Time Before Pay-To-Win Elements

Nexon also revealed a new Battle Analysis System that should make Cheap MapleStory Mesos it easy to measure the damage done, mesos gained, and experience earned within a certain timeframe so you can improve your efficiency. There will also be a Hyper Stat System that lets you earn Hyper Stat Points once you hit level 140.

“You can receive 1 more Hyper Stat point per level every 10…


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Blade and Soul China : Some interesting updates before the next patch

Are you like the rest of us, eagerly waiting for cheap Blade & Soul Gold Blood Shark Harbor and Mushin Tower? Well today there is still no news of the patch coming in but hey some news is better than no news right? XD

Simplification of the Weapon Enhancement System (link here)

First off, I believe some players are already aware of the streamlined processes of weapon enhancement. In view of the observations made by…


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Wardrobe, Can we have a shop item to unlock this please

Topic says it all, i don't mind paying for it but restricting it to subs only is a bit annoying. I like my Cheap Blade And Soul Goldoutfits, but i would gladly pay a one time fee to unlock this feature, i may not want to sub but i don't mind paying for things. This is probably at the top of my list of things that needs to be unlockable for free players, via in game…


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Possibility's of having server changes

So, i remember a couple of other games did something likeBuy Blade And Soul Gold this. Why doesnt Blade and Soul use a more traditional server system where you can choose where you want to go each time you log in? or perhaps have a channels system so on the more populated servers you can just pop on another less populated channel like how Vindictus does. I dont know to much about servers and how they work so i was just curious if this…


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Literally worst patcher i have ever dealt with

his patcher is ridiculous i have a higher end desk top and this patcher jumps from being at over 12 MB a second to 1 byte and then wont even download anymore i have to Blade & Soul Gold constantly restart it when it just freezes at like 11 percent and is stagnant. please fix

What's your download speed? Do you have access to your modem? Wired or wireless connection? While the launcher could have an issue, it's more than…


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NA Marketplace "cannot display page"

I remember this issue from the beta (I had it as well). The only solution that was found was to do Windows Update and let it run for a long time, essentially Buy BNS Gold getting all "important updates" it can. Once it's done, check again, install again, and repeat until it does not find any more "important updates" at all.

That solution fixed the problem for everyone that tried it, including me. It has something to do with a…


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Blade Master Overview

The Blade Master is a popular class to play for one great reason: their versatility. Equally effective in both offensive skills and defensive capabilities, they’re Cheap BNS Gold the jack-of-all-trades martial artist.

Most of the Blade Master’s skills are accessible depending on the stance that the Blade Master is in: Basic Stance or Draw Stance. Flock of Blades is a powerful but short-lived technique, with…


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Blade & Soul: Dungeons Are Deffecult

Basically 4-6man dungeons where 4man is the most difficult one. There's also a solo dungeon called mushin tower where you climb floors and it gets progressively harder to the point where you must completely master your class to beat the 8th floor (more floors gets released after 50cap mini-expansion).

If EU/NA follows Taiwans release schedule it's going to be one dungeon release every month to catch up to the Korean version.

There's also a few "24man" questing hubs with world…


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Albion Online: Golds Play An Important Role

Gold also plays an indirect role in so called swap transactions, depending on the gold/silver exchange rate in the player-driven market. These work as follows:

For certain in-game expenses, we will be introducing a player market driven swap mechanism that will give discounts on silver prices if there is too much Cheap Albion Online Gold in the game. You will get the discount whether you have gold or not.

The mechanism works in the following way:

Assume that the gold/silver…


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Selling names in Blade & Soul

The name reservations were promised without any sort of catch. Nobody knew that several GMs would get seven names each before the players, at any time, until the very day before. That's a bit of bad business.

The reason for the names being taken was shown as "to prevent people from selling the names for big money". This is nothing but a poor excuse unfortunately. The names were chosen for personal use, and on multiple occasions I have seen tweets saying they took it because they…


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My Personal Experiences of Blade & Soul

My impression of BDO seems to be different than most. BDO's PvE isn't innovative or anything, but the combat feels smooth, the world feels alive, and your character feels powerful while you kill things. The monotony of grinding is relieved by your ability to have workers, decorate your house(s), fish or explore. I would consider myself a casual MMO player and the immersion and enjoyment I get out of BDO is unrivaled. The part of BDO I'm wary of is the potential for P2W if the western release…


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