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Social Media sites are full of targeted audience for your site, you can take advantage of Social Media audience to bring traffic to your site. Just look for groups or pages that are relevant to your content, and start posting and promoting your articles that target the same audience. Examples of such communities include:

Facebook Group.
YouTube channels.
Forums related to the same content as your site.
4 - reservation of advertising space in large sites:

You can advertise to your site through the reservation of advertising space, in large sites to take advantage of visitors to bring traffic to your site. Preferably, sites are relevant to your content, so that your audience is targeted, making the most of your ad budget.

5- Marketing your site by linking it to YouTube channel:

We have often talked about profit from YouTube before , but have you thought about marketing your site through the YouTube channel ?! . You can easily create a YouTube channel for your site and link to the site, and marketing the channel through your articles, as well as marketing articles to your site through your videos on YouTube.

This way you can get traffic to your site from YouTube. You can also respond to other channel videos related to the same content as your articles, and leave the article link as an enhancement to your video content. But make sure to place the link in relevant channels, so that it is not spamming.

FInd the Google urls country wise:

6. Using the Quora website :

If your content is in English, this is a great opportunity to drive traffic to your site through Quora. By answering questions related to the content of your site. You can also follow questions and provide articles to answer and share with Quora audiences. The easy and simple way ensures you more visits and profits.

Earn visits to your site
7. Update your old articles:

You should always update your old articles, especially articles that target a large number of visitors to your site. So to top the article, bring you more traffic. Continuously updating content improves your site's ranking in the search engine and increases Google's trust in it.

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