The latest UK government statistics revealed that transport is the number one contributor to greenhouse gas emission in the United Kingdom. Usually, traveling for work is the main reason for traveling. A lot of businesses in today's work are being conducted online, making digital files, holding virtual meetings, and communicating globally. Still, some businesses depend on the old methods of conducting businesses, this isn't bad necessarily but it can harm the environment in two ways: paper and travel.

VoIP phone

VoIP Telephony Conference calling

VoIP telephony or Internet Telephony conference calling feature increases communication efficiency and reduces negative impact on the environment with reliability and effectiveness. Often we have to travel for meetings with clients or colleagues to discuss things; it's not difficult to understand that we can achieve the same with a simple conference call. It is important how phone and web conferencing can help positively impact the environment. When it reduces paper use and travel emission, in turn, it creates a smaller footprint for your business. Then there is an added benefit of cost-saving. It also can help attract a new customer base since more and more people care about where their products come from and whether their preferred businesses are eco-friendly. It definitely is a win-win situation for businesses.

Why VoIP matter?

Businesses that reduce their negative environmental impact don't do it out of choice; they do so because they feel responsible for the world around them. If you aren't feeling such responsibility then chances are you aren't aware of the details. So, we will provide you with some facts.
• 97% of climate scientists in the world agree that climate change is a real threat to our environment and needs urgent actions.
• The UK committee on climate change has predicted that the damaging consequences for climate change will be deadly heatwaves, water shortage, and increased flooding, especially in poorly equipped countries.
Since people who spend each day of their lives understanding how climate works warn us that urgent action is required then we must take action to solve the problem at hand before it's too late. Play your part and learn how conference calling can be better for the environment.

Less traveling

Modern Business VoIP and web conference calls create the ability for people all around the world to meet virtually, without spending money, time, and vehicle emission that is a major drawback of traveling. With VoIP conference calling you can replace traveling in different business operations and offer the means for the same important communication.

This can look like:

Hold business meetings daily to discuss important matters and compare performances

Traveling and remote employee can connect to their office phone system

Company leaders can conduct business with partners, vendors, and stakeholders nationally and internationally. Most businesses don't take advantage of the fact that they can reduce traveling costs with conferencing. With conference calls, any business can connect employees quickly for day to day operations or any situation in which they are not at the office. This means:

Independent employees and contractors can work remotely while being included in on-site operations and meetings.
Employees working from home during illness or emergency van still get connected with their team without risking safety.

Virtually connect employees back to the office while they perform important business operations across town, saving time and productivity.

Switching to VoIP has some great benefits for businesses. However, it plays an important role in reducing the severe negative impact of your business on the environment. The plane and car travel that your business might use contribute to the increasing damage to the environment but remember, it can be reduced easily with simple VoIP Telephony conference calling solutions.

Cut down on the use of paper

Every business usually uses a large quantity of paper for everyday business operations, especially in preparing copies or think packets of material for everyone in presentations or meetings. However, this usage of paper can be reduced easily by taking advantage of the web conference call; it can save time and all the associated costs of printing and preparing hard copy materials along with connecting attendees who can't make it to the meeting in person.
VoIP feature usually includes:

Easy file sharing for images, documents, etc. with participants
The ability to hold meetings, presentations and conduct training sessions on one platform
Integration with learning management systems, PowerPoint and other software
Share screen quickly in real-time
Built-in tools such as reminder emails for participants
Q&A, polling and chat to encourage participation and gauge engagement
Markup tool to assist collaboration through annotations and whiteboards etc.

All these features allow you to replace the paper copies that you use for graphs, spreadsheets, meeting notes, presentations, etc. even if you hold in-person meetings, there is a change someone misses the discussion and can join the call easily through video conferencing. You might think that, don't people pay more attention when there is something physical in from of them? This is a valid thought but in favor of keeping old fashioned paper copies around for educational or business purposes. However, the truth is that everybody wants to have a reason to pay attention to and care about the material in front of them whether it's a computer screen or a paper. A virtual landline is equipped to prompt that level of engagement.

Let's say your team has to prepare for the next meeting by looking over documents sent via email and you are concerned that they won't. But, still, rather than printing copies you can stay on the safe side and ask everyone attending the meeting to come up with one question or point on the material that they must be prepared to offer through chat, audio, or collaboration tools at the start of the meeting. The power of needing public engagement to encourage better attention is a useful one.

In today's market more and more businesses are taking green initiatives and are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. We think conference calling is one of the best features to reduce negative environmental impact and improve efficiency, productivity, and revenue for businesses, in a simple way. So, take the initiative for your business and Start conferencing now!

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Hi,Superb Information ,please share more information on VoIP Technology. I really analysis that latest Internet Telephone support our e-business in a reliable cost. Now all kind of business prefer online business . that to much easy to handle the business.Thanks for sharing .





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