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So, i remember a couple of other games did something likeBuy Blade And Soul Gold this. Why doesnt Blade and Soul use a more traditional server system where you can choose where you want to go each time you log in? or perhaps have a channels system so on the more populated servers you can just pop on another less populated channel like how Vindictus does. I dont know to much about servers and how they work so i was just curious if this would be a thing that could help eliminate server overpopulation.
BnS unfortunately dosent work in this way and prob wont ever, this style of mmo operates on this kinda system. What ur talking about i MUCH prefer it like nobody is restricted to 1 server. ex like how Runescape was if u played it where everyone was on the same server per say and all u had to pick was world (channel)

That makes getting together with friends so much harder to do, especially if you have these que times though. TT.TT

At this point in time Blade & Soul Gold isn't set up to support switching between servers at will nor is it a planned feature. We'll provide your feedback to our team, though!


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