Expert tips to Bridesmaid ensure every detail is captured to perfection Chicago, nov.2 /PRNewswire/ Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and tedious;Yet the day itself will fly right by.That's why it's important for brides and groomstobe, to pay careful attention to capturing every moment and perfectly documenting their special day.What many often don't realize until it's too late, is that the videography can make or break how they recall these memories for years to come. Dan creviston of george street photo and video has helped Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses thousands of couples navigate this process and can shed light on the critical concepts brides and grooms must consider. "With technology changing constantly and countless options to explore, it's crucial that they know what questions to ask, in order to make informed decisions, avoid the pitfalls and perfect their videography.They only get one chance to get it right,"He explains. To ensure flawless videos that capture every detail, george street photo video spotlights the top 5 pitfalls to Bridesmaid avoid when selecting a videography package: Not using multiple cameras too few videographers actually use dual cameras.By doing so, the videographer can capture multiple perspectives simultaneously and better tell the story.For example, they can capture both the bride walking down the aisle and the groom's reaction at the same time.Inside tip:Many videographers cut corners by only having one hd camera rather than two.Be sure both cameras are hd otherwise the clarity and quality will be inconsistent!Not going high definition odds are that if you don't own a large flat screen television you soon will.By going hd, couples ensure their videos are the absolute best quality and avoid limited clarity and pixilation.This option also provides more channels for capturing top quality audio, the best sound mix and retouching is also an option!In addition hd provides widescreen video imaging, and eliminates the appearance of black bars with standard definition view.Inside tip:There should be no extra charge for hd, so avoid companies that do.Not understanding high definition technology:Making sure that you are truly getting the highest quality hd shooting sounds simple, but can get quite confusing if you don't know the particulars.For the highest quality and clarity, you must have hd footage prior to uploading into an hd format.For example you must shoot in hd, then burn onto a bluray disc.Discuss all your expectations and if you have specific requests, express them clearly.This is especially important for locations as churches, synagogues, mosques and chapels may have specific areas that cannot be filmed.You don't want any unwelcome surprises!George street photo video: Dedicated to providing affordable highend photography services with exceptional service and value, george street photo and video makes wedding days unforgettable for couples throughout illinois, wisconsin and indiana.Uniquely setting themselves apart from the competition, george street offers each customer all high resolution, digital negatives from the wedding.Customers also have the option choose their own photographer and have an unlimited quantity of photos taken during the entire day.George street proudly offers a full service photography and videography company complete with 20 photographers and inhouse photography and videography editing services.

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