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I'll tell you how I know I've been living right-I've recently begun to get a little tired of the whole TV thing. Let me give you some scale on this Cheapest Light Cigarettes. I was born in 1956 on Long Island; my first memories are of watching a black and white TV set with a 13 channel knob-Romper Room, Capt. Kangaroo, Colonel Bleep-I saw Mercury launches and JFK's assassination on this 'version' TV. Later on, we got Color. I forget my age, but the first season of The Flintstones debuted while my bed-time was still 8 PM. I was present when the first color, animated cartoon pilot episode was aired but I wasn't allowed to witness it. By the time we hit Katonah, we had a Color Console with the built-in Stereo/Radio-I saw first runs of Lost in Space, Star Trek, The Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, Bonanza (which I hated), watched Neal's Big First Step live, watched civil rights and Vietnam and well, anyway, moving on… My point-I am a child of the McLuhan era-most ads were for booze and cigarettes in prime time-autos needed no advertising, once upon a time-nor insurance-well, I take that back. There was Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins (the original 'Steve Irwin' was shilling for Mutual Of Omaha). So I have grown into Media, with a capital M, as it came into existence-cable box, cordless remote, VHS, basic cable, DVD, HiDef, the Big Day, when the government officially switched from a broadcast wave television default to a digital default, and the Internet and I-Phone connections, including Hulu, Netflix, and of course YouTube. I have uploaded 1,100 videos of my piano-playing to YouTube-why? I don't know, I'm just a gregariously sharing kinda guy like dat. And I have stuffed my head full of every single scrap of quality television-or Cigarettes Supplier, at this point, why don't I switch to the term 'Video'?, or Video that the video universe has to offer. If it's on TV regularly, I'm at least aware of it-that much I haven't changed-hope springs eternal and all that, you know. But now I have a vast majority of present-day TV-watching in a category I will refer to as 'as read', if you will-an entertainment that will proceed in too predictable a way for me to spend time watching when there might be something better on. I've been making these judgments calls my whole life-I'm nothing if not thorough in my perusal of each time-slot's offering, Video-On-Demand listing, and Premium Movie Channels' line-ups. Several series got left by the wayside-you know how you'll watch a coupla seasons of a show and then, season three, it suddenly isn't worth sitting through the commercials for? And, inevitably, I reached a familiarity with the TV series as an abstract thing-casting, premise, comic relief, laugh-track (yes or no), plotting, currency of culture, breadth of vision, setting, and the sets themselves, dialogue, timing, chemistry-it's a finite set of tools. Not that it isn't transcended nearly every year by a really good new project or set of people (Matt and Trey come to mind) Buy Cigarettes Online Uk Cheap. But I'm fifty-seven years old and I've spent as much time as possible watching TV for my entire life (OK, I may have held jobs and read books and stuff-but it was mostly TV). But I have been paying attention the whole time-at this point I can predict the next piece of dialogue or plot-point in at least ninety percent of the programming out there today. I live for the remainder, but it is a shrinking resource-my tastes have reached a point of sensitivity that culls out more and more of the 'usual fare'. Crime procedurals, for instance-stopped watching them altogether-had to-I finally realized that I was entertaining myself with murder stories because those shows had the best production values. Thinking about murder three hours every night? No, I've crossed the whole genre off my watch list. Reality-TV series I've been horrified by since day one and I've yet to see one I could watch for more than a few seconds. It's not a judgment call-no offense (even Claire has her favorites)-I simply don't like to watch people who know they are being watched. Actors get paid good money so that we can see them act like nobody's watching, professionally. If I want to spy on my neighbors, I could easily find a less creepy way to go about it. The News had me-but then it stopped being news, became infotainment, and now I watch for a few seconds every once in a while just to check if the world is ending or there's going to be a blizzard-and such like Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, you know, the real news that they have to cover, for legitimacy's sake. I don't dislike the History, Science, or Smithsonian channels, but their commercials-to-programs stats are simply unsupportable. The same is true for a few channels I still watched until just recently-Syfy, USA, TNT, and FX-some of their programs are palatable, but not along with that much brain washing. There are one or two that I wait for the On Demand, but most I just ignore. So here I am late in life learning that my TV is inside me-and there are no commercials. But I must give honorable mention to a few gems-Masterpiece Theater Duty Free Cigarettes, American Masters, The American Experience, Jon Stewart on Daily Show, Concerts at the White House, and Turner Classic Movies. Were it not for these few, and VOD, I might just move the thing out to another room. O, but Jeopardy is still fun to watch, all these decades later….
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