FIFA 15, FIFA 14's successor, could not have one of the functions of FIFA fans have for years called: a dynamic weather . Not what we say but the portal What Culture! in an interesting report that instead of highlighting what it does have FIFA 15 highlights those "failures" of FIFA 14 which seems to have returned to obviate.

This is a report created from the lack of information. Logical reasoning is the following: if FIFA 15 had a changing time (among other things), EA Sports would have mentioned it at every opportunity he has had to list the new features of FIFA 15.

If we go to the official website of FIFA 15, we find the following important news:
Agility, control and right contacts
Authentic visual aspect for footballers
Dynamic Submission Match
Emotional Intelligence
A living countryside
Battles man-against-man
Team tactics

Graphically it is stressed that the players have a realistic appearance that the public will behave in a credible and that the presentation will attempt to be truthful to look like they're on a real football field. No sign of the time.

Anyway,we can got cheap fifa 15 coins to enjoy the amazing game within 2 monthes.What we need do is to looking forward its coming release!

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