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Blade & Soul Customers

Started 13 Gen 2016 0 Risposte

Apparently it's been taken to the proper department manager, whether there will be any action taken is yet to be seen.Thank you for contacting the Blade and Soul support team.We wanted to assure you…Continua

Tag: Soul, &, Blade

Some Changes in Blade & Soul Closed Beta 1

Started 6 Gen 2016 0 Risposte

These are the changes we've made in Closed Beta 1. 2 new servers will be addedJiwanIksanunThe Marketplace (F5) and Character Info (right-click on a character, or type /who) are now web-based with a…Continua

Tag: Soul, &, Blade

Abion Online: a re-skin of Runescape

Started 28 Dic 2015 0 Risposte

In my opinion, Albion Online is like a re-skin of Runescape, and a lot of comparison has been made between AO and RS. Basically the core components of this game are:1) Grind grind grind. Grind till…Continua

Tag: Online, Albion


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I am totally in love with this game Blade And Soul

Post aggiunto il 2 Febbraio 2016 alle 2:19 0 Commenti

I must admit that I am totally in love with this game, it actually got me hooked like no other in the past few years.

No matter the praises that i bring to the game, I cannot turn a blind eye to a few features that are missing and are really starting to affect my experience in game quite a bit.

For future reference, I am playing on EU -Wild Springs server, member of the Blade And Soul GoldCerulean faction.

1. While…


Time compensation for not being able to play

Post aggiunto il 1 Febbraio 2016 alle 4:42 0 Commenti

They could do but then every time somebody is saying this patch kill my Blade & Soul Gold connection you would hear somebody asking for it and we knows how many thread has been on the subject.Not to mention all the threads about entering dungeon and getting a crash.It even happen to me for a few days last weekend.Solve it by running an optimizer on my pc and since then things have been much better but those things can be cause by…


few questions gameplay

Post aggiunto il 30 Gennaio 2016 alle 8:21 0 Commenti

few questions gameplay

i didnt play since zero was released.

still every1 new class thats out is overpowered compared to  MapleStory Mesos previous? some1 even play normal adventurers atm? so i assume kinesis is now the best cuz he is newest?

should i play scania or reboot,whats more populated?

excuse my english

well i wouldn't call kinesis overpowered, he is fun to play…


I could take the $10 costume price point

Post aggiunto il 30 Gennaio 2016 alle 3:33 0 Commenti

Prices may go down if your sentiments pan out, but they probably have Blade And Soul Goldactual market research behind what they set their prices to. Maybe you underestimate how much disposable income people have and how much they're willing to toss on a whim.

I just find it funny when people say "they'd make more money if they just stuck to the price point I WANT!" Like you represent what the entire region can and will…


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