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Coated with a very thin reflective coating on the lens - so this layer is a very thin coating,it is called

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test to identify their authenticity.Locate the reflecting surface,in order to observe the surface,through the lens,it took sunglasses.Slowly quarter turn sunglasses,decrease or increase and observe whether or not to reflect the glare.If you are a sunglasses polarized sunglasses,

ray ban sunglasses outlet a significant reduction in glare appears.When mirroring below exposed to sunlight sunglasses,color is called the sunglasses and prescription… Continua

ANSI (American standard),must be able to withstand the high 1.27 meters impact without fragmenting the 16 g bowl

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"UV",labeled "UV": This is the lens of the UV cut-off wavelength from 380nm,i.e.,the maximum of the spectral transmittance (λ) is less than 2% its wavelength (λ) τmax is 380nm it means that it is less.C) and the "absorbing 100% UV" labeled: means that this is a lens has a 100% ultraviolet absorption function,an ultraviolet region,ie,the average transmittance of 0.5% or less To do.Sunglasses,

michael kors outletto meet the above… Continua

Simply Are you sure you want to add it? In fact,two glass lenses,which can be used to produce many

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Polarization of one direction by the entire shock wave formation,and general light is not instructed by the shock wave is formed,it is like a group of disorderly people,but as the pace of travel,you can walk around with a group of marching soldiers,The Stark against penetration.

michael kors outlet

Generally speaking,it is reflected light orderly light.Since the filter is working,polarized lenses,is particularly effective in blocking the… Continua

In the case of,it will harm the eye of directly to consumers.10 of the advantages and disadvantages Advantages

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In November 2006,GB10810.3 "spectacle lenses and related products - Part 3: In the formal implementation of the transmittance specification of measurement method",is well-defined ultraviolet transmittance exceed 5% It is used as becoming not lens.Sunglasses,following which generally are clearly,has a UV function:A) is displayed as "UV400": This is a 400nm of transmittance following wavelength (λ) spectrum (λ) lens of the UV cut-off wavelength at 400nm with less than 2% τmax maximum,it means.B)… Continua

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