Thinking to get US service dog registry ? A number of people are going for emotional support animals to tackle their emotional and psychological problems. If you're prescribed an emotional support animal and you're looking for a small animal that can be easy to handle then this article is for you.  

Emotional support animals are prescribed to people with emotional or psychic ailments. They assist them to cope with sadness, fear, and anxiety by granting love and comfort. After the demonstration given by science that animals help humans to calm anxiety, heartbeat, and blood pressure, doctors now use animals as a part of mental health therapy. 



Most of the people consider small animals because of their small living places and to avoid the hassle to rush behind them. Some people who undergo mental distress, do not find themselves active and healthy enough to take care of large animals. Though there are so many reasons to have small ESA letter online  animals instead of large ones. 

While considering small animals, there are so many cute and intelligent species that are perfect for housing. But did you know that there are some common small animals that should not be housed alone? 


Here are some of the small animals that need a partner and can not live alone, in fact, some can die because of loneliness.



An ESA letter  Rabbits are very friendly and love to be in pairs and groups. They can not tolerate ignorance and if you're having them then you have to play with them and spare time for them. 

Rabbits require to roam and for this, they need space. Tamed rabbits often wander freely in their owner's home just like other domesticated animals such as dogs and cats. 



Mice live in organizations or groups and should be kept in pairs. If you're going to have it alone then you should know that a male can be difficult to handle and will give you a tough time as he becomes offensive but somehow can be kept alone. But a female requires to be in a pair or group.


Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are small, gentle, and cuddly pets. They make good ESA letter for housing but need love, care, and a roommate. They are very sensitive and can not live alone. They experience serious psychological disturbances because of separation or can even die of loneliness. 

In some countries, like Switzerland, it is prohibited to keep a single guinea pig. You have to keep them in pairs or groups if you own space to support them. 



Gerbils are typically social and they move in groups when they are introduced to wildlife. They are quite generous with their breed and humans. 



They do live in groups and pairs but you can keep them alone only if you provide them lots of time and never make them feel unwanted. 


Sugar Gliders

Like all the above-mentioned social classes, sugar gliders also demand to be in pairs. They are often active at night and need a company to communicate and play.  


Which Small Animal Is All Set To Be Housed Alone?



Hamsters are mostly isolated animals and can strive to death if you join them or expose them to their companion. They even don't live with their own siblings or breed. However, only dwarf hamsters can be paired. 


Is There Any Law That Protects The Rights Of ESAs?

The Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) protect the rights of emotional support animal letter  pet

The FHA allows people to dwell with their ESAs even in no-pet housing and the ACAA permits them to fly with their emotional support animals. 


How To Avail These Rights?

These rights are for each and every ESA and its owners. There is no discrimination to provide these laws. However, in order to avail of the benefits of these rights, one must produce an emotional support dog letter prescribed by a registered psychiatrist.   


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