Literally worst patcher i have ever dealt with

his patcher is ridiculous i have a higher end desk top and this patcher jumps from being at over 12 MB a second to 1 byte and then wont even download anymore i have to Blade & Soul Gold constantly restart it when it just freezes at like 11 percent and is stagnant. please fix

What's your download speed? Do you have access to your modem? Wired or wireless connection? While the launcher could have an issue, it's more than likely on your end.

Just an FYI, when it comes to downloading your PC specs mean absolutely nothing. It's all about your ISPs download speed. I could have a $200 laptop, but with a great connection I can download faster than my gaming rig.

Last but not least, this is a huge download and requires time. I'm on a DSL connection, playing on a gaming rig, and I had to wait overnight for the download to finish. You might have to do the same if you're just installing it.

This would probably be best put in Player-to-Player support.

i download games bigger then this from steam i know my rig is good its no a 200 hundred dollar laptop and my download speed is good its not my internet my friends are running this game and downloaded it with issues but it still went through some how only messing up for mine and it is really the patcher. im running a hardwired connection also and i had the game downloaded yesterday come on today and it wont let it launch no matter what i Buy Blade And Soul Gold tried it would get passed the patch after i logged in.

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