I remember this issue from the beta (I had it as well). The only solution that was found was to do Windows Update and let it run for a long time, essentially Buy BNS Gold getting all "important updates" it can. Once it's done, check again, install again, and repeat until it does not find any more "important updates" at all.

That solution fixed the problem for everyone that tried it, including me. It has something to do with a Internet Explorer hidden in one of the Important Windows Updates (it was never found out which one) that triggers it to work properly.

Thanks for the response. I have installed all important updates and optional updates but that didn't fix it. I haven't checked for hidden updates however so I'll have another look. It does seem strange if some random IE update fixes the issue though. I really hope I can resolve it because being unable to use the marketplace or view character info is making everything much harder than it should be.

If anyone else has experienced this or has further information it would be appreciated.

The Marketplace uses Cheap BNS Gold a strange form of Internet Explorer for its interface, and it uses certain APIs that aren't built into IE by default. One of the updates triggers that IE API update.

Do as Teiji said now, install literally every single update it finds, restart, check again, install all again, etc, until it shows there is literally no update at all anymore. After that is done, open Internet Explorer itself and clear ALL cache, history, saved settings, literally everything.

Then try Marketplace again. 

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