If you have got your HBO Now or HBO Go subscriptions. Now get ready for being terrified with the best horror movies you can stream before this Halloween. The article is about some absolute best and most terrifying horror movies you can find on HBO Now or HBO Go. Here is the combined list of Putlocker website for your screaming pleasure. Here are the best horror movies you can find on HBO Now or HBO Go:

1. Annihilation: This movie become a horror flick after the second half. The scenes are really terrified in comparison to other horror movies. This movie is a perfect combination of cosmic horror, visually beautiful, the score was on point. The soundtrack and visuals alone are capable to make this film great, it made a fairly simple scene so dramatic and thrilling. This film is good Sci-Fi. This falls in the long in the long, distinguished line of Sci-Fi that deals in the unknowable.

2. Dawn of the Dead: Dawn of the Dead is an action horror film 2004 by Zack Snyder. It is the remake film of George A. Romero's 1978 film of same name. When Ana’s husband is attacked by a zombified neighbor, she manages to escape. However, after convincing the security guards that they are not contaminated, the group together fight the undead hordes.

3. Halloween: Laurie survived a brutal attack from killer Myers on a Halloween night. Myers manages to escape after locked up in an institution. When the masked madman returns to Haddonfield, Laurie now faces a terrifying showdown.

4. Arachnophobia: A nature photographer dies in Venezuela and with his coffin a poisonous spider hitches a ride to his hometown in rural California. Arachnophobe Dr. Ross Jennings has just moved in with his wife and young son. After that the town residents start turning up dead then Jennings begins to suspect spiders. He must face his fears as he and exterminator Delbert McClintock fight to stop a deadly infestation.

5. Splice: Clive and Elsa specialize in creating hybrids of species. Their pharmaceutical company bosses forced them to conduct experiments on the propose use of human DNA in secret. The result is Dren. Dren is a creature with amazing intelligence and physical attributes. As Dren begins to grow she threatens to become their worst nightmare.

6. Buried: Paul Conroy a civilian truck driver falls victim to a band of insurgents. After that he awakes in a coffin, with little more than a lighter, a cell phone. Faced with a dwindling oxygen supply and a dying battery, he have to awaits a rescue or he have to survive anyway.

7. Ben: Ben becomes the best friend of a lonely boy in the colony, protecting him from bullying and keeping his spirits up in the face. Ben's colony becomes violent, things gradually take a downward as resulting in several deaths. Eventually, the rat colony was destroyed by flame throwers, but Ben survives. Ben makes his way back to Danny. The injured Ben was determined about not to lose his friend.

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