Same Content in Different Formats is Not Duplicate

Google’s John Mueller says identical content published in different formats, such as a video and a blog post, is not considered duplicate content.

Site owners can safely repurpose a video as an article, for example, without concern about Google seeing the two pieces of content as the same.

It’s even possible that duplicate content isn’t as great of a issue as site owners and SEOs make it out to be, Mueller explains.

This topic came up during the Google Search Central office hours stream held on January 22. A question is submitted from a site owner who runs a YouTube channel. They note when a blog article is repurposed as a video it tends to not rank in Google.

The site owner wants to know if there’s any harm in using identical text from a blog post in a video.

Google is not capable of doing a text analysis of videos and then mapping the text to web pages. If a video repeats what’s stated in a blog post word for word they’re considered different pieces of content, Mueller says.

Similar content presented in different formats will not be seen as duplicate content. Google makes this distinction because searchers may be looking for different things at different times.

Sometimes people go to Google to read an article, and others want to watch a video. Google would not choose to show one over the other because they repeat the same content.

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